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We bring Wall Street to your front door! Our team of independent representatives are located in fifteen branch offices across the country. Because we are independent, our representatives can tailor a financial plan just for you. Click the links below to learn more or find a representative near you and get started today!


Looking for tax deferral and income benefits? Learn how annuities can help you prepare for retirement.

What is a Variable Annuity?

A variable annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company, under which the insurer agrees to make periodic payments to you, beginning either immediately or at some future date. You purchase a variable annuity contract by making either a single purchase payment or a series of purchase payments.

A variable annuity offers a range of investment options. The value of your investment as a variable annuity owner will vary depending on the performance of the investment options you choose. The investment options for a variable annuity are typically mutual funds that invest in stocks, bonds, money market instruments, or some combination of the three.

Although variable annuities are typically invested in mutual funds, variable annuities differ from mutual funds in several important ways: First, variable annuities let you receive periodic payments for the rest of your life (or the life of your spouse or any other person you designate). This feature offers protection against the possibility that, after you retire, you will outlive your assets.

Second, variable annuities have a death benefit. If you die before the insurer has started making payments to you, your beneficiary is guaranteed to receive a specified amount – typically at least the amount of your purchase payments. Your beneficiary will get a benefit from this feature if, at the time of your death, your account value is less than the guaranteed amount.

Third, variable annuities are tax-deferred. That means you pay no taxes on the income and investment gains from your annuity until you withdraw your money. You may also transfer your money from one investment option to another within a variable annuity without paying tax at the time of the transfer. When you take your money out of a variable annuity, however, you will be taxed on the earnings at ordinary income tax rates rather than lower capital gains rates. In general, the benefits of tax deferral will outweigh the costs of a variable annuity only if you hold it as a long-term investment to meet retirement and other long-range goals.


Other investment vehicles, such as IRAs and employer-sponsored 401(k) plans, also may provide you with tax-deferred growth and other tax advantages. For most investors, it will be advantageous to make the maximum allowable contributions to IRAs and 401(k) plans before investing in a variable annuity.

In addition, if you are investing in a variable annuity through a tax-advantaged retirement plan (such as a 401(k) plan or IRA), you will get no additional tax advantage from the variable annuity. Under these circumstances, consider buying a variable annuity only if it makes sense because of the annuity's other features, such as lifetime income payments and death benefit protection. The tax rules that apply to variable annuities can be complicated – before investing, you may want to consult a tax adviser about the tax consequences to you of investing in a variable annuity.

Remember: Variable annuities are designed to be long-term investments, to meet retirement and other long-range goals. Variable annuities are not suitable for meeting short-term goals because substantial taxes and insurance company charges may apply if you withdraw your money early. Variable annuities also involve investment risks, just as mutual funds do.

Read more at www.sec.gov
Specific products and investment choices can only be made after a customized suitability review has been performed.


An annuity "linked" to a stock market index and guarantees a minimum rate of return with opportunities for growth above the contractual minimum as the index rises.

A fixed index annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company that may help you address your long-term financial goals. In exchange for your premium payment, the insurance company provides you income, either starting immediately or at some time in the future.


Most fixed index annuities have two phases. First, there's an accumulation phase, during which you let your money earn interest. This followed by a distribution or payout phase, during which you receive money from your annuity.

A fixed index annuity also guarantees you will receive at least the minimum guaranteed interest credited to the contract. Remember that all of these guarantees are backed by the claims-paying ability of the issuing company.

With a fixed index annuity, you defer paying taxes on your contract's interest until you receive money from the contract. Tax-deferred interest means that money in your contract can grow faster.

Your principal and bonus are never subject to market risk index. A downturn in the market index(es) cannot reduce your contract values.


Wanting financial protection for you and your family? Our insurance products can be designed just for you.

If structured properly, a life insurance death benefit is payable income - tax free to a beneficiary. Life insurance can help families pass wealth down to future generations and provide important financial liquidty at the time of death.

"There is piece of mind thru life insurance."

Our financial calculators will determine the exact amount of coverage you need to protect your family, farm or business against loss. We will work to find the best life insurance product to fit your needs, whether you need term, whole life, universal life or variable life insurance.

For more information about your life insurance needs, please give us a call at 1-800-752-2439. To request a quote, please email lvonfeldt@themeckgroup.com

What We Offer

Term Life Insurance

INCREASING PREMIUM, DECREASING COVERAGE, NO CASH VALUE, Suitable for financial obligations which reduce with time; e.g., mortgages or other amortized loans.

Whole Life Insurance

LEVEL PREMIUM, LEVEL COVERAGE, CASH VALUES, (cash values typically increase based on the insurance company's general asset account portfolio performance.) Suitable for long-term obligations; e.g., surviving spouse lifetime income needs, estate liquidity and death taxes.

Universal Life Insurance

LEVEL OR ADJUSTABLE PREMIUM, LEVEL OR ADJUSTABLE COVERAGE, CASH VALUES (Cash values increase based on the performance of certain assets held in the company’s general account). Suitable for long-term obligations or sinking-fund needs: estate growth and death tax liquidity.

Variable Life Insurance

LEVEL OR ADJUSTABLE PREMIUM, LEVEL COVERAGE*, CASH VALUES Suitable for long term obligations and those who are more active investors and for estate growth and tax liquidity..

Mutual Funds

Our wide selection of mutual funds will allow you to choose exactly what fits your investment style.

The Meckenstock Group offers a comprehensive list of Mutual Funds through our broker/dealer relationship. Our clients have the opportunity to invest in global, international, domestic and exchange traded funds.

Because we are independent, we are able to find what you need, regardless of the company or product. Mutual Funds are professionally managed portfolios of stock, bonds and other securities. Investors have the opportunity to buy into shares of the mutual fund, giving them the ability to become diversified through one purchase. Each mutual fund has an investment objective, giving investors the chance to match their investment strategy with a specific mutual fund.

There are many types of mutual funds available with different investment strategies, ranging from asset allocation to geographic based investing.

Our financial professionals will assist you in choosing a fund or a group of funds that addresses your needs. It is important that each investor reviews the fund prospectus before investing. The prospectus outlines the fees and and costs associated with owning a mutual fund.

For more information, contact one of our financial advisors at 1-800-752-2439.

You should consider your investment objectives before investing into any product. Consider the risks, charges and expenses of the mutual fund and its underlying investment options carefully before investing. Price volatility, liquidity and other risks accompany an investment in a mutual fund. The prospectuses for the mtual fund contain this and other information. This information should be reviewed prior to investing. You may obtain a free prospectus by calling your financial professional.

Retirement Plans

Looking to save for retirement? Learn about IRAs, Roth IRAs and other retirement vehicles that can help you reach your financial goals.

Regardless of your age, retirement planning is essential in order to be prepared and comfortable in the golden years of life. There are many factors to consider when looking at which retirement plan will be most suitable for an individual, what they will actually need in retirement and the impact of taxes and inflation on their portfolios.

Meckenstock Group Professionals can help you prepare for retirement by establishing goals and helping you learn about the proper ways to save and invest money. There are multiple retirement vehicles available that offer investors both immediate and future tax savings. Some of these vehicles are IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401(k)s and 403(b)s. To learn more about each type of account please give us a call at 1-800-752-2439.

IRA: An investment account in which a person can set aside income up to a specified amount each year and usually deduct the contributions from taxable income, with the contributions and interest being tax-deferred until retirement.

Roth IRA: An individual retirement account allowing a person to set aside after-tax income up to a specified amount each year. The account grows tax-free.

401(k): A retirement investment plan that allows an employee to put a percentage of earned wages into a tax-deferred investment account selected by the employer. Any withdrawal is subject to income tax.

403(b): A tax-advantaged retirement savings plan available for public education organizations, some non-profit employers, cooperative hospital service organizations, and self employed ministers int he United States.

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Pensions: Employer contributes an actuarially determined amount sufficient to pay each participant a fixed or defined benefit at his or her retirement.

401(K) Plans

A 401(K) is used to invest a portion of invcome towards retirement without paying any tax until the money is withdrawn after retirement.

401(K) plans provide many benefits to both the employer and employee. Employers are allowed to make matching contributions to an employee's plan that are tax deductable. Meanwhile, the employee benefits from the matching dollars provided by the employer as well as the tax deferred features of the plan. Our professionals can provide you and your employees with the information and support you need in order to consider the use of a 401(K) plan.

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